Wine Culture Center


Wine tasting tours

Learn about Tokaj high-quality wines and cellars as part of a wine tasting tour.

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Event center

We provide a unique venue for private, corporate and professional events in Tokaj-Tarcal.

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Choose from our range of high quality, handcrafted wines of Tokaj. Our wines are vineyard-selected dry and sweet wines.

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Location: Tarcal

The history of Tarcal is intertwined with Tokaj. Visit us and explore the beauty of the region!

Infield land: 8 ha

On 8 hectares  we have  the grape varieties: Furmint, Lime leaves and Plump grapes, Muscat Lunel. Vineyards: Lapis, Mestervölgy, Fekete-hegy, Hosszú

Event center for 130 people

Wine Culture Center offers a beautiful, authentic, modern environment!


The unique diversity of Tokaj-Hegyalja is present not only in the soil enriched by volcanoes and geysers, the special climate or the blend of various cultures and traditions existing over thousands of years, but also in the Tokaj wines. Although the region witnessed many battles, wars and political turmoil, winemaking and the wine culture never ceased flourishing, earning a global reputation for Tokaj. While the past few decades brought a slowdown in development, our mission is to join forces with local winemakers and revive the reputation of Tokaj-Hegyalja and the Tokaj wine, introducing the region’s true colors.

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hectares of vineyards
quintals of grapes / year
quintals of grain-stage / year

"The main purpose of the building complex opened last year to preserve the cultural values, in collaboration with the local tour operators."


"The ground motion epicenter is located in Tarcal, and that is the Basilicus Wine Culture Centre, which was dreamed by Richárd Basa."


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